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Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler - Sports Certified

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60 x 500mg Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler capsules per bottle

New Zealand's only SPORTS CERTIFIED Deer Velvet Antler

Independently certified by BSCG - Check our listing here

Halal Gelatin Capsule

No carob, additives, fillers or flow agents

New Zealand Fernmark accredited for authenticity

GMP manufactured

AUST L Listed for Australia


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Health benefits of Deer Velvet Antler

*Deer Velvet Antler  has a long, safe history of traditional use in a number of cultures around the world. Deer Velvet Antler has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine for yang weakness to tonify qi. Deer Velvet Antler supplement may also be useful in times of fatigue, physical exhaustion and stress. Deer Velvet Antler is being used more and more as a safe and effective nutritional supplement to boost athletic performance, endurance, and recovery from injury.

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Over 396 active ingredients

Mountain Red's high-quality Deer Velvet Antler contains many naturally occurring beneficial minerals and trace elements needed by the body to support good health and well-being, including calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper, iron, selenium and cobalt.

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The perfect sport supplement

Mountain Red Deer Velvet Antler contains essential building blocks for your body’s growth, restoration and development, including the growth factors IGF-1 and IGF-2, proteins, amino acids, collagen and lipids. Mountain Red is the only New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler that has independent sports grade certification.

Mountain Red Sport Supplements

Muscle and joint health supplement

Mountain Red Deer Velvet Antler contains many naturally occurring substances required for cellular growth and function, as well as chondroitin and glucosamine.

This process of annual regeneration is unique to deer, and in the wild the stags cast their antler each year. We harness this natural process, removing the Deer Velvet Antler before it hardens, and then process this rich nutritional product into pure Mountain Red Deer Velvet Antler. As this process occurs each year, it can be regarded as fully sustainable.