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Producers of pure, natural, premium New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler

Karen and Barry—Mountain Red

Having worked with deer for over 30 years, the Morley family established Mountain Red in 2002, with a clear vision to produce the best 100% natural, premium quality Deer Velvet Antler available in the world. Some 18 years on they have achieved that goal, having achieved a number of class leading achievements for a New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler Supplement.


Morley family started deer farming in Nelson, New Zealand.

Barry Morley begins a long journey working with deer, beginning his first deer farm on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island. In 1985 he establishes Redwood Hills Farm in Nelson, and in 1986 the first deer arrive to enjoy beautiful rolling hill country with plenty of space to run and trees for shelter.


Karen Morley starts researching health benefits of Deer Velvet Antler

Confident that Deer Velvet Antler could help her father with his joint care mobility, Karen began reading, researching and talking with worldwide experts. With a number of Deer Velvet Antler  products already on the market, she aimed to produce the best, 100% natural premium quality product available, whilst ensuring strict adherence to animal welfare.


The Mountain Red company is formed

Mountain Red was launched in 2002 following extensive product testing, and was introduced to the Zealand market as a dietary supplement. The first bottle from the first run was taken by Barry Morley. All products are 100% natural, sourced only from New Zealand and manufactured to the highest quality standards available.


Mountain Red expands into markets in the Middle East and USA

Because of the purity of our blood lines, and our animal husbandry, we start to earn a reputation in international markets for product quality and consistency. In 2003, we launch into markets in the Middle East and Asia, where Deer Velvet Antler has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for yang weakness to tonify qi.


Mountain Red expands into the UK

Mountain Red is approved for sale in the UK, where animal products can only be sold if they are proven to cause no harm to animals in the processing and harvesting of products.


Mountain Red gains DINZ accreditation

New Zealand industry body Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) confirms accreditation for Mountain Red Deer Velvet Antler. This reinforces the superior quality of our product and processes, from harvesting through to production, as well as our approach to animal welfare.


Endorsement from six-time karate world champion, Ruan Retief

Mountain Red Deer Velvet Antler receives the endorsement of six-time Karate World Champion, Ruan Retief of South Africa. Ruan describes the product as "immensely beneficial", delivering "amazing results" in his training. Mountain Red Deer Velvet Antler has since grown in popularity among sports stars.


Approved for sale in Australia as a listed therapeutic product

Mountain Red Deer Velvet Antler undergoes extensive testing to gain entry into the Australian market, and is one of the few approved for sale as a Listed Therapeutic Product with AUST L number. This shows that the product meets all standards and requirements as set by the Australian TGA.


Mountain Red is launched in Australian market

Mountain Red Deer Velvet successfully launches Deer Velvet Antler into the Australian market, with the support of Australian company, Oborne Health Supplies.


New cold pressed Greenlipped Mussel Extract added to the Mountain Red range.

Greenlipped mussels have been scientifically proven to assist with joint support and cardiovascular health, packed with Omega -3 EPA and DHA. The cold processed product ensures the marine bioactive remain intact.


Launch of the Mountain Red online store

Mountain Red products now available direct from us here at Mountain Red with the new Mountain Red online store.


New and improved online store launched

Mountain Red products now available direct from us here in New Zealand with the new and improved online store  - accepting global orders and ensuring that customers receive the genuine article!


Social Media Engagement

Mountain Red active on social media to tell the story of Deer Velvet Antler and how it supports a healthy lifestyle.


In memoriam: Barry Morley

Sadly this year we lost Barry whose dedication and commitment to these wonderful animals was second to none. He believed working with deer was a privilege, and that velvet was a precious gift. He will be sadly missed by all of us in the Mountain Red Family.


A Unique Position in Australia

Mountain Red is now the only full strength Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet Product with TGA Therapeutic Listing in Australia. see for details and local Australian stockists.

Mountain Red Limited to Offer First Third-Party Certified Sports Grade of Deer Velvet Antler in the New Zealand Market

BSCG Certified Drug Free® Program Covers 483 Drugs in Total
and 272 Drugs Banned in Sports

Richmond, New ZealandMountain Red announced today that the company will begin offering a Certified for Sports Grade of their Deer Velvet Antler product in the New Zealand market.

The new grade will represent the first sports certified Deer Velvet Antler  available in the country. Mountain Red has established an on-going program with the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) to test and certify materials sold as Sports Grade. The testing program covers 483 drugs in total, including 272 drugs that are banned by a broad range of sports organizations. The BSCG certification comes on top of a third-party ingredient identity verification testing program completed on Mountain Red Deer Velvet Antler in 2019 after adverse publicity in the New Zealand market called into question the possibility of adulterated supplies of the material used in other leading brands.

Deer Velvet Antler  has been marketed as support for sustained energy, physical performance and an increased capacity to manage stress and recovery from injury.

According to Campbell Berry-Kilgour, Chief Operating Officer of Mountain Red Limited, ingredient integrity, sustainability and a ready supply of Deer Velvet Antler  are key features of the Mountain Red™ offering. “Mountain Red’s  unique “fingerprint” composition consistently provides the spectrum of compounds found in this complex compound that is  responsible for its biological activity.

Granted New Zealand Fernmark Accreditation

The FernMark represents the story of who we are and where we're from, our New Zealand Story. Underpinning this story are three core characteristics - kaitiaki, integrity, resourcefulness - which describe our attitude and way of doing things; a unique approach that is highly valued by our customers.

A licence to bear the FernMark is formal recognition of a business's role as an ambassador of the New Zealand Story. It is a privileged role, requiring a business to responsibly represent New Zealand offshore and always protect the well-being and reputation of our country.