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Greenlipped Mussels FAQS

Greenlipped Mussels are unique to New Zealand’s pristine coastal waters and have been sustainably harvested for natural health for over 30 years.

What is Greenlipped Mussel Extract?

The New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus) is found exclusively in New Zealand’s unspoiled pristine coastal waters. It derives its name from the distinctive green colouring of its shell. The mussels are harvested when fully grown by lifting the growing lines and carefully removing the mussels from each individual line. Once the mussels are removed from the growing lines they are reseeded for continued harvest.

Harvesting is synchronised with factory production to ensure the mussels spend minimum time out of the water. Once the mussels are harvested, they are transferred to the processing plant, the shell is removed, and the extract is freeze dried using low temperatures and vacuum controls to remove the water. This process preserves the integrity of the marine bioactive molecules and ensures the stability and activity of the vast array of nutrients naturally contained within the extract.

How much Greenlipped Mussel Extract is in each bottle?

Each bottle contains 60 capsules of 100% pure New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel Extract in a convenient once daily 500mg capsule. Mountain Red Greenlipped Mussel Extract is manufactured without the use of

  • gluten
  • lactose
  • sugar
  • starch
  • wheat
  • yeast
  • artificial fillers, additives or preservatives.

What type of person should consider taking Mountain Red Greenlipped Mussel Extract?

Mountain Red Greenlipped Mussel Extract is suitable for you if you are seeking a natural New Zealand product to:

  • Supply the body with a rich source of Omega -3 DHA and EPA, shown to support healthy brain and cardiovascular function
  • Support good joint care and mobility
  • Sustain superior health and well being
  • Maintain healthy skin condition
  • Support healthy brain function and memory
  • Support good cardiovascular health

I have a seafood allergy, what should I do?

Prior to use of this product we suggest that you consult with your healthcare professional to ascertain the suitability of this product for you if you have a known or suspected seafood allergy.

Is the product natural?

Mountain Red Greenlipped Mussel Extract contains only 100% natural superior quality sustainable New Zealand cold-pressed Greenlipped Mussel ensuring the quality and purity of the extract. Each capsule contains 500mg of cold-pressed Greenlipped Mussel Extract for easy once daily dosing. No fillers or preservatives are used in Mountain Red Products.

The Greenlipped Mussels are nurtured in the clear, sunlit waters around New Zealand’s unspoiled coastline, the mussels thrive on a constant flow of marine nutrients. Under careful stewardship, they mature into full-flavoured mussels naturally rich in Omega-3 DHA and EPA.

What does cold-pressed mean?

This ensures that no heat is added to the extract during the production process that can damage the delicate marine bioactives.  This means that you are receiving the very best quality and purity of the Greenlipped mussel extract as care has been taken to preserve all the therapeutic activity of the extract.