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We’re passionate about premium, natural, pure deer velvet products

Our People - Mountain Red Deer Velvet Farming

The team at Mountain Red are dedicated to the company’s founding vision; to bring the very best, 100% natural deer velvet product to the global market.


Karen Morley

Karen Morley Mountain RedI am Karen Morley the founder and CEO of Mountain Red. I created Mountain Red with a very simple vision – to produce the highest quality deer velvet product I could so that I could give it to my dad to help him get well from a terrible joint complaint that was making him old before his time. That journey started over a decade ago, and from that time to now the principles we work under have never faltered. Our product is produced from whole stick velvet, with minimal processing, and without the use of any chemical additives. What Mountain Red brings to the world is a product unsurpassed in provenance, manufacture and quality.



Campbell Berry-Kilgour

Mountain Red Team - CampbellAs a Director of Mountain Red, I have been fortunate enough to be involved from the creation of the company right through to our being a leader in the velvet field. We have achieved a number of 'firsts' in the industry and continue to set the standard for our product. What we value most is the feedback from our customers who tell us how they have benefited from Mountain Red velvet. That, after all, is why we do what we do.