My knees no long hurt. My achilles inflammation disappeared. Mountain Red’s products allowed me to train, whereas before taking deer velvet, I was continually breaking down and visiting my friendly physio. My breathing control and recovery were unbelievable. It reminded me of the way altitude training gave me a significant edge during intense swim training sprints and hill repeats on the bike. The other impressive change I noticed was the recovery from hard training sessions and lack of muscle soreness, given my limited training build up.

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My bench press ability increased from 80kg to 120kg, and my leg strength, critical in Karate, doubling to nearly 200kg, something that has also benefited Retief’s new sport of competitive mountain-biking, that he wants to share the news with others. I can truly recommend Mountain Red Deer Velvet to any athlete who takes both their performance and their health seriously. I have gained immense benefits from Mountain Red Deer Velvet and encourage others to try it for themselves; I believe you will be amazed at the results.

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“The discovery of Mountain Red Deer Velvet has made a world of difference to my routine like I could have never imagined. My 1RM bench press went up by 20 kgs and 1RM deadlift up by 30 kgs. I also feel my joints are stronger and the ability to push myself for a few extra reps has increased. ”

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Velvet, a revered tonic in China for over 2000 years and what is largely considered a significant contributing factor for the success of many of the world’s best athletes, is fast becoming one of the most sought after ergogenic aids in the western world. Prized in the Orient for its rejuvenating properties and potent performance-enhancing effects it comes as no surprise that Deer Velvet has been considered the “secret weapon” of Russian Olympic training programs and it may well become the future nutritional supplement of choice for athlete’s across the globe.

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I had previously tried all sorts of natural medication, and it was only when I started taking Mountain Red Deer Velvet that I noticed a change in my ability for movement without pain and more energy enabling me to carry out every day tasks with ease. My career as a successful designer and artist requires me to use my skills and imagination every day – perhaps Deer Velvet is also brain food! – helping me concentrate long hours at a time.

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I didn’t think deer velvet would help but I was willing to give it a crack because of my constant discomfort. After about three weeks of taking Mountain Red, I had no back pain at all, and I also felt better within myself. You could say my general well being had improved a lot! Having no back pain at all is awesome – I’m back to my old self!

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Since taking Mountain Red Deer Velvet I have experienced a remarkable difference in my energy levels and more importantly, my recovery from activity. No more aches and pains or little niggles. With my oldest son and daughter now competing in judo, Mountain Red has given me an opportunity to get involved in the sport again and help out during lessons.

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