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Mountain Red’s healthy boost

Everyone loves a good story and Mountain Red has put a lot of effort into developing both their products and story. It centres around their unique origins as a family-owned New Zealand deer velvet producer, and their commitment to sustainability, traceability, animal welfare, and quality products.

In 2002, we took this story and 260 bottles of deer velvet to health stores, pharmacies, practitioners and naturopaths in the upper South Island and asked them to believe in us. They did.

Since then we’ve been promoting our products at international trade fairs and through a meaningful online presence. Mountain Red is now one of New Zealand’s leading deer velvet producers with an international reputation as a quality specialist producer. Around 90% of our sales are export based and we work with distributors in North America, the Middle East, the UK and, most recently, Australia.

Two key factors informed our decision about which markets to pursue. We looked at countries that may not necessarily understand our product, but that would understand the dosage form (capsules) – these tended to be Western markets. But we also needed to consider the access into each market and the regulatory environment. The US environment is relatively transparent and ticked a lot of boxes even if getting a retail presence there can be very difficult.

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Posted on December 20th 2013