Each 500mg capsule contains 100% Pure New Zealand Deer Velvet Antler ....no carob, fillers or flow agents

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Deer Antler Velvet Facts

What is deer velvet?

Are the deer harmed to make deer antler velvet supplements?

Who might benefit the most from deer antler velvet supplements?

What other ingredients are in Mountain Red Deer Velvet supplements?

What chemicals are used in the manufacturing of deer velvet supplements?

Is antler velvet made from the deer’s antler?

Is deer velvet a steroid?

Are Mountain Red deer velvet supplements refined?

Is deer velvet a new thing?

Where is Mountain Red Deer Velvet made? Where is the velvet sourced?

What ailments is deer velvet good for?

What type of person should consider taking Mountain Red deer velvet?

Is deer velvet safe? What about people taking prescription medicines?

What makes Mountain Red deer velvet different from other products?

How much velvet is in each bottle?

What about research on the health benefits of deer velvet?

Greenlipped Mussel Facts

What are Greenlipped Mussels?

What is Greenlipped Mussel Extract?

How much Greenlipped Mussel Extract is in each bottle?

What type of person should consider taking Mountain Red Greenlipped Mussel Extract?

I have a seafood allergy, what should I do?

Is Mountain Red Greenlipped Mussel Extract natural?

What does cold-pressed mean?

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